MOE’s Advisory on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At the moment, we are adopting MOE’s advisory guidelines that smaller groups may continue to proceed with activities, and 1m social distancing measure to lower the risk of viral transmission. We have reduced the number of group classes, along with staggered class timings, to minimise any potential risks.

We are also taking additional measures to ensure the musical instruments are sanitised after each use. For common areas, we have stepped up on keeping the frequently-touched areas disinfected, particularly the doorknobs and handles.

Please inform us if you have:

  • Fever, sore throat, flu or runny nose.
  • Someone from your household serving Quarantine Order or Stay-Home Notice
  • Had direct contact with a confirmed or suspected case

If you are feeling unwell, please seek medical advice immediately and excuse yourself from the classes. In the meantime, we urge all of you to continue practising good personal hygiene by:

  • Frequently washing your hands with soap
  • Wearing a mask if you have symptoms of fever, flu and/or cough, to prevent spreading

Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor the situation closely. Should there be cancellation of classes, affected students will be duely informed.

Ukulele Course Promotion

Free Ukulele

Receive a FREE UKULELE when you sign up for our 3-month POP UKULELE COURSE!

Rated 9.5 out of 10, for having the ‘best ukulele instruction’ among other music schools in Singapore, by SimplyHer magazine.

We are established in 2002, and we are the 1st pop music school in Singapore to offer a comprehensive pop ukulele course, solely designed for adult beginners without musical experience. If you have been wanting to learn a new instrument, the ukulele is an excellent choice. Learn from our team of professional musicians and teachers. Our Pop Ukulele Course comes with a FREE soprano ukulele and a ukulele gig bag.

Our ukulele lessons are conducted in the simplest manner possible and explained in laymen terms, so even a newbie without any prior knowledge of music will be able to grasp and play.

The ukulele is considered one of the easiest instruments to play. If you are still unsure, take a look at some of the comments from our previous participants.

[  Read what our happy participants say about us. ]

We Are Seventeen!

We are seventeen! Thank you for being a part of the Replugged Music family. It’s been truly wonderful sharing music with like-minded people for the past 17 years.

None of this would have been possible without you. Thank you!

Chinese Lunar New Year 2019

Hey folks! 大家好!

It’s Chinese Lunar New Year! Let us welcome the new year with a new take on a 70-year-old Chinese classic tune. Here’s wishing everyone a funky and groovy new year ahead.

祝大家春風得意, 豬事順利, 新年快樂, 萬事如意!

Theme song from ‘The Story of Yanxi Palace’

A few weeks ago, an ex-student wrote to us asking if we can play the theme song 雪落下的聲音 (translates to ‘The Sound of Snow Falling’) from the Chinese TV drama 延禧攻略 ‘The Story of Yanxi Palace’. We have not heard it before, but we checked it out anyway. And we’re glad we did.

The appeal of the song lies in the poignant lyrics and enchanting melody. While it mainly uses the Chinese oriental pentatonic scale, there is a modern touch to the song, by way of current chord progressions and charismatic guitar arpeggios using open-chord voicings.  We decided to work on an instrumental version of the song by combining both Chinese and western instruments such as Chinese flute, guzheng, guitar and piano.

We hope you like our rendition.

Corporate Ukulele Workshops


Aloha! Been wanting to take up ukulele lessons, but do not have time for classes? We offer fun ukulele workshops for events and companies. Taught by our experienced instructors, the workshops are designed to give you the tools to jump-start your ukulele playing in no time!

  Email us at to find out more!

Vocal & Guitar Duo

It’s been a while since we last update!

Our vocal instructor Huibing brings you a medley of 2 beautiful songs 擔心 + 夜盲症, written by Singaporean composers and writers.

Student Showcase: Photograph | Ed Sheeran (Guitar & Vocal Cover)

Featuring our vocal student Kristen Png.

Student Showcase is something we have been wanting to do for a long time. We see this as a good avenue for students to share their talents, especially after months (or years!) of practising relentlessly, in search of musical perfection. Do not get us wrong. Student Showcase is never about musical perfection. In fact, music is NOT all about the perfection of executions. Down to the irreducible minimum, music is about communicating, conveying feelings and emotions. Let music speak for itself.

In this video, Kristen performs the popular Ed Sheeran song ‘Photograph’.