MOE’s Advisory on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At the moment, we are adopting MOE’s advisory guidelines that smaller groups may continue to proceed with activities, and 1m social distancing measure to lower the risk of viral transmission. We have reduced the number of group classes, along with staggered class timings, to minimise any potential risks.

We are also taking additional measures to ensure the musical instruments are sanitised after each use. For common areas, we have stepped up on keeping the frequently-touched areas disinfected, particularly the doorknobs and handles.

Please inform us if you have:

  • Fever, sore throat, flu or runny nose.
  • Someone from your household serving Quarantine Order or Stay-Home Notice
  • Had direct contact with a confirmed or suspected case

If you are feeling unwell, please seek medical advice immediately and excuse yourself from the classes. In the meantime, we urge all of you to continue practising good personal hygiene by:

  • Frequently washing your hands with soap
  • Wearing a mask if you have symptoms of fever, flu and/or cough, to prevent spreading

Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor the situation closely. Should there be cancellation of classes, affected students will be duely informed.