We carry selected musical instruments and accessories. If you are interested in any of the items, please feel free to drop by, or email us to enquire.

Replugged Music Electronic Tuner
SGD$14.00 | In Stock

Our flagship tuner for ukulele, guitar, bass, violin and most other string instruments. With a large back-lit display that changes color when the note is in tune, it also provides a greater ease of tuning in low light situations. Also featured is a calibration function to adjust the common 440Hz concert A note to varying concert pitches from 410Hz-490Hz. This tuner also comes with a ‘transpose’ feature to allow greater flexibility when tuning your instruments, such as shifted tunings. (CR2032 battery included)


Joyo Electronic Tuner
SGD$6.00 | In Stock

A simple tuner for ukulele, guitar, bass and violin. Easy operation with only one button. Back-lit display changes color when the note is in tune. Suitable for beginners. (CR2032 battery included)


Ukulele Capo
SGD$10.00 | In Stock

Wanted to play in a difficult key but your fingers are not up to it? A ukulele capo will immediately solve transposition problems, and is extremely easy to use. To play in a different key, simply clip it to the desired fret. Available in black and silver.


Ukulele Capo (plastic)
SGD$4.00 | In Stock

A basic and functional ukulele capo to solve your transposition problems. Extremely easy to use. To play in a different key, simply clip it to the desired fret. Available in black only.


Ukulele Strap
SGD$5.00 | In Stock

No more fumbling with playing your ukulele while standing up. Having a ukulele strap will dramatically improve the overall balance of the handling, even when you are seated. This ukulele strap comes with a padded-hook to ensure your instrument is adequately protected. Adjustable length to fit soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles. No drilling required. Available in black and red.


Soprano Ukulele Gig-Bag
SGD$12.00 | Out of Stock

Lightly padded gig-bag for soprano ukuleles (21″ ukulele). This is a step up from the regular ukulele bags that comes free with purchase. There is a zipper pocket in front to keep your ukulele accessories (eg, plectrums/picks, capo, etc.) and a shoulder strap on the reverse side.


Assorted Plectrums (Picks)
2 for SGD$1.00 | In Stock

Assorted picks for all your strumming and picking needs. Suitable for ukulele and guitar players. Available in different thickness and materials.