Ad Hoc Lessons

If you are keen on learning but not able to commit to regular lessons, we offer 1-to-1 private individual ad hoc lessons (by appointments only).

Individual: $75 for 1 session (60 mins each)

Recommended for:
• Any level, with or without musical experiences

Class Size
Individual 1-to-1

Choice of instruments
• Ukulele
• Guitar
• Piano (keyboard)
• Violin

Areas of interest:
Guitar or Ukulele: strumming, fingerpicking, flat-picking, chord-melody, etc.
Piano: accompaniment patterns (for play and sing), chord work, arrangement ideas, etc
Violin: musical concepts, fingering and bowing techniques, reading standard notations and solfege, anything pop or classical, etc.
Music Theory: basic harmony, usage of chords, reharmonisation, tablatures, scores and chord charts, etc.

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