I do not have any experience. Can I join?

Yes, of course! In fact, most of our participants are complete beginners with no musical experience at all.

How much is the course fee?

Course fees can be found on the pages for the respective courses, under MUSIC PROGRAMMES.

Will replacement classes be provided for absentees?

Unfortunately, we are generally not able to offer replacement classes, as different classes/time-slots are likely to be on different lesson schedules.

What we usually do is that we recap the previous lesson during each new session, and will also pass the previous notes/handouts to the absentees to ensure that they are able to keep up with the pace.

What is the size of a GROUP class?

Class size varies between different courses.

Ukulele classes: 5-6 participants
Guitar classes: 4-5 participants
Piano classes: 4-5 participants
Vocal classes: 4-5 participants
Violin classes: Currently only individual 1-to-1 classes available

Are there any prerequisites or age requirement?

There are no prerequisites on musical abilities.

However, we do have a minimum age requirement for participation. At this point, we are unable to accept participants who are younger than 16 years of age.

Also, due to the varying age difference, participants are likely to be grouped according to different age categories. We believe this will improve the efficacy of learning in general. If there are no available slots for your age group, kindly wait for the next intake.

Do you offer trial lessons?

Unfortunately, we don’t.

But here’s why:
Like many other art forms, it takes a while before you acquire any basic skills on music. Being responsible music educators, we pride ourselves on bringing out the best in every participant. We do not think one trial lesson is enough to unplug any true potential in anyone, and hence you should not be writing yourself off after one lesson either.

If you really have to experience one session to be convinced of our methodology, you can take up our Ad Hoc lessons anytime. We’ll be happy to arrange a session just for you.

Group Classes vs. Individual Classes

For participants without any musical experiences, we usually recommend taking up group classes instead of individual (private 1-to-1), because the course fees are more competitive and popularly-priced. At the same time, you get to mingle and observe how other participants learn, which improves the efficacy of learning.

Individual classes are primarily intended for participants who:
1. prefer individual attention
2. have targeted/specific areas to work on
3. too slow/fast for group classes
4. unable to fit into our regular group schedules
5. prefer to start immediately (subjected to availability)

 For participants who are looking for ‘crash courses’, intensive or expedited learning , do note that individual classes may not necessarily serve as condensed versions of regular group courses within a shorter time frame. Ultimately, the learning pace is  different for everyone. Individual participants may also take up the same number of individual sessions to accomplish the group equivalent.