Pop Guitar Course


Individual: $260 (4 sessions / 60 mins), $160 (4 sessions / 30 mins)
Group: Not available

The Pop Guitar Course covers everything from basic music theory, sight-reading, both-hands coordination, lead and rhythm improvisation to various playing styles. By the end of the course, you would not only be able to explore into the possibilities of performing for your friends, and maybe even singing and playing all at the same time.

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Stage 1 Introduction to Basic Guitar & Accompaniment
$299 (10 sessions / 60 mins each)

  • Basic Scales & Fingerings
  • Diatonic Chords
  • Accompaniment Patterns
  • Covers practice pieces & approx. 8-9 songs
 Stage 2
Intermediate Guitar & Accompaniment
$299 (10 sessions / 60 mins each)

  • Intermediate Accompaniment Styles
  • Chords with Extensions
  • Introductions & Interludes
  • Tablatures
  • Covers approx. 7-8 songs
 Stage 3 Guitar Chord & Melody
$299 (10 sessions / 60 mins each)

  • Single-line melody
  • Chord-melody playing
  • Covers approx. 4-5 songs

Recommended for:
• Total beginners with no musical experiences

What you can achieve after the course:
• Play various pop guitar pieces
• Play accompaniment for your friends when they sing
• Score-reading in tablature format
• Read chord charts

Do I need to own a guitar?
Yes, we strongly encourage all students to purchase their own instruments for home practice.  We recommend students to either get an entry-level folk (steel-string) or classical (nylon-string) guitar as a start. As you improve over time, you may consider upgrading your instruments.


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