Can I cancel my class last minute?

For Group classes:

Sorry, you can’t.

Classes conducted in a group (with other participants) will have to carry on regardless of your absence. We will not be able to offer replacement classes, as different classes/time-slots are likely to be on different lesson schedules.

What we usually do is that we recap the previous lesson during each new session, and will also pass the previous notes/handouts to the absentees to ensure that they are able to keep up with the pace.

For Individual students:

You can reschedule your lessons if you inform us at least 72 hours in advance, or you will have to be charged for the missed lesson. Informing us early allows us to reschedule another student to take up your slot. Otherwise, we have no way of utilising the slot.

What if it is not my fault that I had to cancel/reschedule the lesson last minute (due to work, family matters, etc)?  Will I still be charged?

Sorry, but yes. We have given a lot of thought on this, but finally decided that a consistent policy where everybody assumes their own risk is fairer than for us to raise our prices overall to offset cancellation losses, which can be very high without such a policy.

There is an article which explains the rationale much better than we can articulate. Check out Make-up Lessons From An Economist’s Point Of View.