Can I switch to another class/time-slot for some of the sessions?

For Group classes:

No, you can’t. Our group classes are ongoing classes with a structured curriculum. This is different from ‘open-level classes‘ which are more common with dance, zumba, yoga classes, etc. where you learn choreography/poses of the day. Open level classes usually do not require prior experience/knowledge for participation, and do not necessitate a follow-up after the class.

Our weekly group classes are based on progressive learning. Participants are taught new playing patterns/techniques/songs each lesson, and every session is a follow-up to the previous session. Switching to another class/time-slot midway affects the overall lesson plan.

For Individual classes:

Yes, you can reschedule your lessons if you inform us at least 72 hours in advance, or you will have to be charged for the missed lesson. Informing us early allows us to reschedule another student to take up your slot. Otherwise, we have no way of utilising the slot.