Do you provide exams and certifications?

No, we don’t. But for a good reason.

Our goal has always been to provide an avenue for curious adults to learn to play the songs they love. Most participants are simply learning for pleasure, with no interests in exams and paper chase. As such, we do not conduct exams nor require our participants to go through music exams.

Learning music solely for exams requires a very different learning mindset, and lots of motivation and discipline to practise. The fundamental basis of taking exams is to learn what the examination boards want you to, and not what you want to. While this is not all bad, learning set pieces determined by exam boards is an entirely different experience, and often less palatable compared to learning your favourite songs.

If you have a desire to get certified, we are able to assist in music theory examinations conducted by Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). Please email us for more information.