Group Classes vs. Individual Classes

For participants without any musical experiences, we usually recommend taking up group classes instead of individual (private 1-to-1), because the course fees are more accessibly priced. At the same time, you get to mingle and observe how other participants learn, which improves the efficacy of learning.

Individual classes are primarily intended for participants who:
1. prefer individual attention
2. have targeted/specific areas to work on
3. too slow/fast for group classes
4. unable to fit into our regular group schedules
5. prefer to start immediately (subjected to availability)

For participants who are looking for ‘crash courses’, intensive or expedited learning, do note that individual classes may not necessarily serve as condensed versions of regular group courses within a shorter time frame. Ultimately, the learning pace is different for everyone. Individual participants may also take up the same number of individual sessions to accomplish the group equivalent, depending on their own progress.