Play & Sing

piano lessons

Individual: $260 (4 sessions / 60 mins), $160 (4 sessions / 30 mins)
Group: Not available

Play & Sing [Piano / Ukulele / Guitar] is aimed at participants who want to play and sing with the instrument of their choice. We focus mainly on how to play chords, coordination of playing and singing together, and how to find your own key for any song. In other words, be your own karaoke.

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Topics Covered:
Fundamentals of Music
• Diatonic Chords & Basic Fingerings
• Understanding and Reading Chord Charts
• Accompaniment Patterns in different styles
• Solfege
• Coordination of Vocal & Instrument
• Learn how to find your own key

Recommended for:
• Total beginners with no musical experiences
• Participants who have difficulties with coordinating playing and singing
• Participants who enjoy anything from Ed Sheeran to Jay Chou

What you can achieve after the lessons:
• Read and play chord charts
• Accompany your own singing when you play
• Understanding chord progressions and key concepts
• Find your own key

Do I need to own a piano or guitar/ukulele?
Yes! We strongly encourage all participants to purchase their own instruments for home practice.

We recommend getting an electric piano or a portable keyboard for a start. As you improve over time, you may then consider upgrading your instruments. Most participants we know are happy with a portable keyboard. Guitar and ukulele, on the other hand, are considered to be relatively affordable for most people.


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