Pop Vocal Lessons


Course Fees:
Group: $369 for 12 sessions (60 mins each)
Individual: $268 for 4 sessions (60 mins each)

Music learning comprises of many components other than classroom lessons. Being able to extend the vocal ranges of students is important, but many mistake that for yelling or screaming to reach the most uncomfortable notes when the vocal folds are just not ready for that stretch. Aside from strengthening vocal techniques, we are also concerned with students’ presentation and performance.

We encourage our students to select their own songs/repertoire (with advice and guidance from instructors) so as that they can stay focused and progressively work towards their goals.

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Topics Covered
Understanding your Vocal Anatomy
• Vocal Health & Care
• Breathing Techniques
• Usage of Diaphragm / Breath Support
• Vocal Range & Registers
• Bridging of Registers
• Extension of Vocal Range(s)
• Vocal Resonance
• Vocal Projection
• Articulation / Diction
• Vocal Expression
• Vocal Styling

Recommended for:
• Total beginners with no musical experiences

Group Size
4-5 participants

Training Duration:
Vocal training is very different from learning how to play an instrument. As the strengths and weaknesses of every student is different (with or without prior vocal training), our vocal instructors aim to provide individual attention in a group setting to ensure that every student is taken care of. While there is no specific recommended duration, we do have a short minimum commitment period of 12 sessions.

What you can achieve after the lessons:
• Understand the correct use of diaphragm/breathe support
• Improve vocal projection
• Tone improvement, and likely range improvement
• NOTE: Results may vary between individuals

3-month package (12 lessons):

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