Here’s what our happy participants have to say:


“I have been with Replugged Music for close to 6 years.  Being taught by KY who is quite the perfectionist and an artist in his field is definitely not the one of the least stressful things I’ve done. He does however bring out the best in his students, push them to their limits and you’ll soon discover you are able to do things that you never imagine you could do. Hats off to your dedication, and RM FTW! “

– Sylvia Ng


“Really enjoyed myself during these 6 months. Time flies when you are having fun! 6 months passed like a blink. Now I have one less thing to look forward to after work, hah. KY, you are one of the most patient person I’ve ever met. Thanks for your patience, guidance and attempts to inspire us in ukulele and music.”

– Yan Xingfang


“For someone who has zero music background, it took some time for me to decide on whether I really want to learn ukulele. I was afraid that I would have difficulty catching up and give up halfway. However many thanks to Replugged Music and Jianhua, I didn’t regret my decision. Thank you Jianhua for guiding me through the 2 stages of Pop Ukulele Course, I fall in love with ukulele. Jianhua is very approachable and will always try his best to address to our questions. He always gives his own suggestions on how to play the different chords, which I find them useful. I am grateful for the patience and the knowledge he had shared. Thank you Jianhua for making the lessons so enjoyable.”

– Monika Fravinia


“It’s been a enjoyable learning experience! If I’m able to ‘up’ my courage and practice enough, I will video it and post it on YouTube! I will be sure to send you that link! … if that happens haha”

– Jin Lim

Editor’s Note:
And Jin eventually did! Check out his video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2GvCt4ugIo


Sherman is a patient instructor who conducts lessons that are fun and interesting \(^0^)/ very enriching lessons.”

– Claudia Tan



“I’d like to appreciate your fun and friendly teaching for the whole lessons. As a person who is teaching as well, I learned a lot from your passion and patience.”

– Lee Yuri



“Replugged Music was the first music school that came into my mind when I wanted to learn ukulele, and I didn’t regret it. At first, I couldn’t even play ukulele at all and since I went to their classes, my skills definitely improved a lot. Moreover, Replugged Music is not only the place to learn ukulele, but also I found many good friends and I will treasure them a lot! Thanks Replugged Music!”

– Deli Natasha


You’re an awesome teacher and a passionate one too. The class wouldn’t feel so relaxing and comfortable if it’s not for you. I hope you will continue spreading the love of music for many years ahead.”

– M. Khair


Thank you so much for your guidance ya. You have been extremely patient! Ultimately thankful!”

– Clara Lam


We had a lot of fun in the class and learn a lot from you. Thanks for being patient with us. Will keep playing it for sure and hope to master this skills to next level one day. 🙂

– Irene Lim


Thank you for being such a patience instructor and enduring our ‘artistic orchestra’! We could perhaps arrange another refresher workshop in future.”

– Astra Yap


“Thank you for the arrangement of the 12 lessons made with Jian Hua. I have a wonderful time and enjoy myself… Thank you for the understanding, patience and advices Jian Hua has given to us for each lesson.””

– Sandy Choo


“Thanks so much for all your patience. You’re a great teacher. I loved all your analogies… Thank you for always making it comfortable in class. Will be missing Wednesdays a lot for sure.”

– Melissa Pei


“…would like to thank the school for the opportunity to pick up the instrument and Mr Lee for the teaching and guidance. Much appreciated.”

– Chua Kah Sheng


“Thanks so much for the 3 months ukulele learning journey. We had so much joy and laughters during the lessons which really is an awesome wrap up for end 2017. However, the best is yet to come..hahaha! Let see when we all can meet again and learn more music kong fu from Kangyang.. hahaha!

Kangyang, many thanks for your patience, tips and lively lessons, I really enjoyed and always looking forward to the Mon music lessons. It seems like the musical instruments come lively whenever play by you, really awesome and cool!”

– Sandra Tay