Pop Ukulele Course [ FREE ukulele! ]


Rated 9.5 out of 10, for having the ‘best ukulele instruction’ among music schools in Singapore. – SimplyHer magazine.

*Promo Package: $299 for 10 sessions with FREE ukulele + electronic tuner!

Individual: $260 (4 sessions / 60 mins), $160 (4 sessions / 30 mins)
Group: $299 (10 sessions / 60 mins)

As one of the easiest instruments to learn (possibly a close second to the infamous recorder!), it is also easy to understand why the ukulele has captured the hearts of many. The ukulele is an extremely portable companion which you can bring along to anywhere you want. With the unmistakable cheery timbre, the ukulele is quite simply a happy little instrument. Being the first pop music school in Singapore to offer ukulele classes,  we want you to know that you are in good hands.

Tired of big classes packed with participants? You may be happy to know that our small group classes are catered for 4-5 participants only. We avoid big classes so the efficiency of learning will not be compromised.

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Stage 1 Beginner’s Guide to Ukulele
FREE ukulele + electronic tuner, whilst stock last!
$299 (10 sessions / 60 mins each)

  • Basic scales & fingerings
  • Tuning the ukulele
  • Diatonic chords in various keys
  • Strumming & plucking techniques
  • Up to 9 strumming & plucking patterns
  • Single-line melody playing
  • Read tablature scores and chord charts
  • Covers approx. 9 songs

Recommended for:
• Total beginners with no musical experiences

Group Size
4-5 participants

What you can achieve after the course:
• Play various 8-beat and 16-beat strumming patterns
• Strum and accompany your friends when they sing
• Play single-line melodies
• Read tablature scores and chord charts


Stage 2 Intermediate Approach to Ukulele
$299 (10 sessions / 60 mins each)

  • New accompaniment patterns in various styles
  • Intermediate 16-beat strumming patterns
  • Syncopated strumming rhythms
  • Introductions & interludes
  • Single-line melody playing
  • Chord-melody soloing
  • Covers approx. 9 songs

A reasonable understanding of Pop Ukulele Course – Stage 1

Group Size
4-5 participants

Difficulty Level:

What you can achieve after the course:
• Play intermediate 16-beat strumming patterns
• Play syncopated rhythms, fill-in patterns
• Play in more keys!
• Fingerstyle solo pieces (depending on progress)


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