We love experimenting with music and making videos. And sometimes we get a lot more inspired when using less than conventional instruments. See our instructors in action!

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《春風吻上我的臉 》CNY instrumental (Ukulele, Pianica & Guitar)

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Instrumental (Ukulele, Pianica, Toy Piano)

《大地回春》FUNKY 音乐版 - 木箱鼓, 口风琴, 吉他 instrumental


新年歌兒大家唱 - 古箏版 (Guzheng / Chinese Zither)

Let It Snow - Instrumental cover (Ukulele, Pianica, Guitar)

擔心 + 夜盲症 (Vocal & Guitar)

Photograph | Ed Sheeran (Vocal and Guitar cover)

Winter Wonderland - Instrumental (Pianica, Piano, Bass)

Selamat Hari Raya - Instrumental (Gambus / Oud, Ukulele, Hand Drum)

財神到 Cai Shen Dao (God Of Wealth) - 柳琴鳳凰琴笛子 Chinese Mandolin, Taisho Koto, Dizi (flute)

Frosty The Snowman - Instrumental (pianica, guitar & brushes)

Sesame Street Theme Song - Sunny Day

Di Tanjong Katong (Guitar Instrumental)

我是歌手-第二季-第2期-G.E.M. 邓紫棋《存在》【离谱音乐官方模仿版720P】20140302

恭喜恭喜 Gongxi Gongxi - Guitar/Piano Instrumental

Mr. Sandman (ukuleles & toy piano instrumental)

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Fingerstyle Guitar Solo instrumental music

Student Showcase - Fly Me To The Moon (guitar instrumental solo)

Theme Song from Doraemon ドラえもん - Guitar Instrumental Music (Doraemon Guitar)

花好月圓 (quirky 80s oriental reggae?!)

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Ukulele Solo)

Singapura, Sunny Island (Violin & Guitar instrumental) gypsy jazz

Sessions Impromptu #2 - On The Run by Dawn Wong 黃川美

我不會喜歡你 - 陳柏霖 (烏克麗麗演奏版 / Ukulele Solo) 李大仁之歌

Mediacorp Okto artBITES - How To Play The Ukulele @ Replugged Music

賀新年 2012 (重新改編純音樂版 - 笛子吉他) He Xin Nian - Dizi & Guitar Instrumental


Ukulele Instrumental Solo - I Want To Hold Your Hand

The Rubber Duckies Song - Violin Instrumental (original composition feat. Lim Hui)

長い話 - Violin Instrumental (original composition feat. Lim Hui)

Super Mario Bros スーパーマリオブラザーズ (Guitar & Ukulele Duet)

媽媽的娜魯娃 - JJ Lin 林俊傑 & 鄭可為 (笛子二胡現場表演 2010)

Black Or White - Michael Jackson (Solo Ukulele Version)