I can’t make it for some of the sessions. What can I do?

Group classes:

Unfortunately, we do not offer replacement classes for scheduled group courses. You might want to check your availability first before committing to group classes.

If you already know ahead that you are unable to make it for some of the sessions (prior to signing up) but would like to take up the lessons anyway, you can choose to sign up only for the number of sessions you can attend. Let us know the dates in advance, so we can plan for the number of participants in each session. Please note that you will not be entitled to any promotional package rate in this case.

Individual classes:

We will try to reschedule your lessons (subject to availability of room and instructor) as long as you can complete 4 sessions within a span of 5 weeks. Please inform us at least 72 hours in advance, or you will have to be charged for the missed lesson. Informing us early allows us to reschedule another student to take up your slot. Otherwise, we have no way of utilising the slot.

If you have to be away for a few weeks but unable to complete 4 sessions within 5 weeks, please consider giving up your slot to other participants. We will reschedule a new slot for you when are back (subject to availability of room and instructor).