What songs do you teach? Can I choose the songs?

We teach mostly contemporary pop songs and evergreens. We have a good mix of repertoire, but it really boils down to the suitability for your level. This can range from Bruno Mars to Jason Mraz, Jay Chou to JJ Lin, 张学友 to 张惠妹, Wham to Westlife, Michael Jackson to Michael Learns to Rock, Mariah Carey to Mariya Takuechi, Beatles to Beyond, Siti Nurhaliza to Saleem Iklim, Hokkien to Cantonese, Christmas jingles to CNY dong-dong-dong chiang, etc. Okay, you get the drift.

Group classes:

In a group setting, your instructors will select a repertoire best suited for the participants, based on playability and practicality. The goal to impart simple, straightforward and necessary skills to participants.

Individual classes:

In an individual setting, you may suggest the songs you wish to learn. Your instructor will gauge your playing ability and advise accordingly. In view of the learning outcome, please also understand that not all songs are suitable. We customise the songs in your best interest.